A newsworthy event The work program of Ebbrau “ Routine Training 2”

26 November 2019
CIES Goes To School “The Rises of Islamic Economic in Indonesia”
26 November 2019

One of the factors underlying a team or a basketball player to achieve a
feat and good game of course can not be separated from the intensive exercise
.With Intensive exercise helps the players to get the excelent ability also a good
thecnic and helping a team to display games being compact , attractive as well as
helping make it easier for a team won the best achievement for us .This is why of
Economics Basketball Brawijaya University ( Ebbrau ) has compulsory event
activities namely routine training of economics basketball brawijaya university
activities practice a routine that lasted for 4 months starting from 19 Agustus – 6
Desember 2019
This routine training took place at Mardiwiyata Basketball Court,
Widyagama Basketball Court & Tidar The Champions Basketball Court.The
Team always routinely training every tuesday , thursday , and on sunday at the
location that has been agreed in previous .Allocation time of this event estimated
approximately two to three hours every the drill in to the reinvigoration of
engineering that in give coach for the team boys and girls the Faculty of
Economics and Business Brawijaya University .
Ebbrau as one of the autonomous spring of the faculty of economic and
business brawijaya university delegation often send both at regional and national
league .This event is also in were undertaking as a preparation from the activities
of the delegation is to represent and carrying the name the Faculty of Economics
and Business Brawijaya University .
With the existence of this activity in the hope the players can increase the
technique in a basketball game and to strengthen the sense of familial between
players , not forget also to improve achievement better of achievement that we
have got before .
In this 2nd Training Routine both men’s and women’s basketball teams
follow the training in accordance with well-defined schedule and discipline. By
following the regular practice of the men’s and women’s basketball teams are able
to prepare for participating in a national basketball event with a good skill as a
result in the Routine Training 2.