Academic Sharing in Coffee Morning by Management Department

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19 April 2018
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Malang – Coffee Morning on Monday, April 16, 2018 in the Building Hall D Department of Management FEB UB held by the Student Association of Management Department which was attended by officials Management Department, namely:
1. Sumiati S.E., M.Si (Head of Management Department)
2. Risna Wijayanti S.E., M.M (Secretary of the Department)
3. Siti Aisjah S.E., M.M (Head of Prodi S1 ​​Management)
4. Ananda Sabil Hussein S.E., M.Com., Ph.D (Head of Prodi Entrepreneurship)
Coffee Morning this time discussing about everything that happened in the Department of Management and also as a means of student Department of Management to submit suggestions and criticism. In addition, this event also discussed about minor thesis, KKN, and internship.

“Is it possible to apply for a lecturer who can guide KKN-P or an internship as well as a minor thesis?”, Asked a student. “For that matter will still be studied and followed up by the department”, replied Bu Sumiati.
In addition, the standardization of apprenticeship to be approved by supervisors according to Mr. Ananda Sabil is to do internships in quality companies to produce quality output and still relevant to the majors taken.

Bu Sumiati also added that the apprenticeship does not need to be done in big company but the most important thing is that the students gain knowledge, skill, and work experience so that the internship can be made into stock when entering the work world later.
“Internship or KKN-P can be done after the debriefing so that the students are better prepared to do it and also to minimize the mismatch of the place of internship with the standard that has been determined by the department and the lecturers themselves,” replied Mrs. Siti Aisjah to one of the questioners.