Accounting and Capital Market Olympiad 2019

Accounting and Capital Market Olympiad 2019
20 March 2019
Bagaimana DAK?
21 March 2019

Accounting and Capital Market Olympiad 2019 is a competition about general accounting and capital market which is the largest event in the Jakarta State Polytechnic Accounting Department, namely Accounting Fair (AF). For this event, the delegation study about the materials for about one week before the competition. The competition began with the preliminary stage which was attended by 63 registrants. Of the 63 registrants, the 20 best teams were invited to the Jakarta State Polytechnic and held the Olympics there. We are grateful that our score was included in the 20 highest teams, to be exact in rank 12. We departed for Jakarta on Sunday, March 17, 2019, and arrived on March 18, 2019. The 2019 Olympic Accounting and Capital Market events began with registration to record the teams that were present. After completing registration the event is opened by the MC. The opening of the event began with singing the Indonesian national anthem and continued with remarks. After the speech, the dance continued with the presentation.

The program continued with a Technical Meeting in the Classroom of the Jakarta State Polytechnic Accounting Department for 1 hour. Followed by parallel session 1 and session 2 questions. After completing session 1 we are welcome to break ISHOMA. After the break, the committee announced the 10 best teams that qualified for the semi-finals. Our team made it through the semi-final stage, we ranked 7th. The event continued with the semi-final 1 session and semi-final session 2. Between semifinals 1 and 2 there was a break for prayer. The semi-final round was finished, we were welcome to take a break at the inn and the announcement of the top 5 finalists was carried out at 21.00 WIB via the 2019 OAPM participant group. Our team did not make it to the final 5 of the big round. After the final round was finished, the event continued with an announcement and awarding. 1st place was won by the Jakarta State Polytechnic, 2nd place was won by the STAN State Polytechnic, and 3rd place was won by Multimedia Nusantara University. We got a lot of valuable experience from this activity. Even though we haven’t won the championship, we have done our best and will try harder in the next race.