”Delegation of FEB UB in FRESH ESSAY COMPETITION 2019″
1 November 2019
3 November 2019

Seminars and workshops Muslim Entrepreneur Club 2019 organized by Forstilling institutions and the Center of Islamic Economic Studies (CIES) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya take place on November 2, 2019. This event was held in the Hall of the Main Building 3rd floor BRI FEB. The seminar and workshop with the theme “Be a Muslimpreneur to Build Economic Islamic” with the aim that the participants of this activity can know how as well as the importance of creating and developing businesses but still in accordance with Islamic law. The event starts at 08.00 pm which began with remarks the chief executive and chairman of Forstilling. The seminar was hosted by the moderator Jihar Ghifari and followed by the first and second speaker.

The seminar initiated by the first speaker, Detha Alfian Fajri, S. AB., MM at 9:05 pm with the subject matter “Muslimpreneur: Mindset and Skills to Deal with 4.0 Era. There are points he begins the material presented on Islamic civilization can be built with faith, knowledge, brotherhood, economic, and political. According to him, financial litrerasi very important for an entrepreneur and decision making money coloring everything in life. He also explained how the largest shareholder of Go-Jek started his business and is The Real Entrepreneurs are able to build his own company with good networking. Muslimpreneur also need to know about the comparison treasure and ascetic. “Zuhud is you leave the things that are not useful to akhiratmu” (Ibn Taymiyyah) and “Do not rejoice when your wealth increases, do not be sad if reduced” (Imam Ahmad bin Hanbali). Bottom line of Building Up Company is money or profit orientation.

He also shares about the Skill to deal with 4.0 era which include:

  1. Character: Spontaneous Behavior (output). Character is divided into two, namely moral character and performance.
  2. Competence:
  • Critical competence is the competence needed to stay afloat.
  • Innovative competence that is creative at the same time and received by the market.
  • Through mutual communication competence to deliver content and context.



  1. Reading literacy, culture, and finance.


Seminar immediately followed by a second speaker by dr. Gamal Albinsaid which brings up the topic of Sosiopreneur. First, he explains how to measure market size in starting a business. According to him, there are three important points in the business, the product, marketing, and finance. Digital highly transparent business greatly simplify the business world itself. Businesses that use real application created with the desires of consumers and not the wishes of the manufacturer. Although business can not be separated with the technology, but differentiated technology and business, because sometimes technology invented not needed. To become entrepreneurs should also be ready to prepare mature resources and strategies, such as marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is required including characters, related or people who have in common with us, as well as finance. She also shares about how to become an entrepreneur: 1) Mission, 2) doing business like and corresponding passion, 3) “Do not try to impress, but try to impact people”. He also said that the innovators continue to learn, innovate constantly changing. On this matter, he delivered five components in social entrepreneurship, among others :

  1. Resourses
  2. Networking
  3. Research and Development
  4. Packaging, Marketing, and Branding
  5. Leadership and Entrepreneur

After the first and second speaker to convey the material, followed by questions and answers by participants are guided by a moderator, Vandel submission to the speaker by the chief executive and chairman of CIES, and MC invited participants to take a break to pray and eat.

After a prayer and a meal break, participants were mobilized back to the room for the next event is a workshop session hosted by Mr. Didik Arwinsyah, SEO as the owner He brings up the topic of Internet Marketing “Online Business Success



Entrepreneur Muslim”. According to him, the business does not need to have a store, but it will use social media platforms used for propaganda at a time bustling business. There are also steps in starting a business, including:

  1. Find a problem.
  2. Analysis of existing problems.
  3. Understand the market volition.

In essence, there is a risk in starting a business or choices faced is willing to change or become extinct. 3 tips he delivered a successful online business, among others:

  1. Got a good product goods or services.
  2. Products must be unique.
  3. The products are not many competitors.
  4. There is a market.
  5. Own business or have a team.
  6. Must ready.
  7. Not ‘baper’.
  • As an entrepreneur, the better we are asking the buyer is not the buyer who questioned us.
  • Avoid the phrase “so buy it or not”, because it can give the customer the opportunity to say no.
  1. Have a marketing strategy.
  • Internet marketing formula
  • BK = Buying keyword
  1. For the product: producers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, and others.
  2. For services: services, services available, packages, and others.
  • KK = Keywords
  1. Lack of 2-3 words.
  2. Choose keywords that are unique.


  • KT = City targets
  1. Throughout Indonesia.

The workshop was followed by a question and answer and submission to the speaker pennant workshop by chairman Forstilling. Seminars and workshops Muslim Entrepreneur Club 2019 ended at 14:00 pm.