Annual Indicator Meeting Deliberations XXXIII 2018

Keberlangsungan Fiskal
26 December 2018
27 December 2018

Malang, 26-28 December 2018 Student press institution Indikator (Indikator LPM) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) held annual members’ meeting Indikator to XXXIII 2018. This activity was of course attended by all members of the Indikator LPM and took place at FEB UB. this activity as a form of management change, so as to form a new management. in addition, the purpose of this activity is to regulate the procedures of work and all activities of the future LPM Indikators. the form of this activity is a forum with an initial agenda, namely the inauguration and delegation of members, then followed by a discussion of the accountability reports of the four divisions in LPM Indikators. the next agenda is the dissemination of leaders, discussion of LPM Indikators work guidelines and the last is the selection of the four leaders.

During the course of the activity, of course there are several obstacles, such as difficulties in borrowing the place. this is due to the members’ deliberation agenda being held in conjunction with the deliberation agenda by other institutions. in addition, there were only a small number of members participating in the forum, and this also led to a lack of deep and comprehensive forum discussion.

See conditions like this, make LPM Indikators submit suggestions that when holding this agenda for the future period do not be held at the end of the year. not to forget, the LPM Indikator thanked several parties who supported this activity