ASEAN Youth Congress 2011

Studi Banding Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
27 March 2011
Doktor Baru: Heru Februanto
31 March 2011

ASEAN Youth Congress (AYC) is a regional congress aiming to activate leadership of youth, to connect youth leaders, to empower young leader to make real positive impact for society among SEA Countries.

AYC is a platform for young people to discuss SEA issues, to engage in leadership skills training, and design/ empower project/ business plan that will be implemented after the congress. This congress will be divided into two part Congress with the first part being the Main Congress based on the LEADPRENEUR education for all the Delegates and the second part being the Congress Camp which is to be held for a selected group of Delegates to receive project management skills, training, resources as well as set down actual action plans to implement these qualoity designed projects and positively Impact their society and communities.

First Batch Congress will be held on : April 25-27 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia
Plenary : SMESCO UKM, delegates : 500.
ASEAN Youth Camp April 28-30 2011
Venue: Aldepos Salaca, Bogor – Indonesia, delegates : 90.

Congress Objectives:
•    Activating Leadpreneurship of Youth among ASEAN Countries
•    Connecting Youth Leaders in ASEAN
•    Strengthening unity and understanding among ASEAN Countries through Youth
•    To Boost ASEAN Countries positioning in International Network
•    To deliver more impact on society through social projects
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