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22 March 2018
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23 March 2018

Students are the next generation of the nation in the future, the obligation of a student not only to study, but also to be sensitive to the problems that exist around them. Because the students are also part of the society itself, the students’ sensitivity to the surrounding issues is very much needed, both in Indonesian society in general and campus environment in particular, this is where the role of students as agent of change is needed, where they are required to straighten when there are things which are contrary to prevailing norms or laws and participate in providing good role models in social life that will substitute their current leader’s position for the creation of changes that will lead to the common good in the future.

To realize it, it takes aspirations from students who are expected to change the surrounding environment becomes more. However, sometimes they feel ashamed to convey their aspirations. They feel less close to the parties who are appointed as a container to convey aspirations about many things that concern the life of the lecture. The infrastructure for connecting aspirations to be realized has not been effective, so their aspirations only stop within themselves. So no one knows about the aspirations they feel and it will not bring about a good change in the lecture environment.

In order for students to express their aspirations comfortably to the authorities, the Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa (DPM)  of the Faculty of Economics and Bisnsis will try to facilitate the students of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya with the proposed work program by DPM FEB UB so it can multiply and expand the aspiration network that will bring FEB UB to be better.

Aspiration Day is the realization of facilities provided by DPM FEB UB to FEB UB students so that students can convey their aspirations to the parties concerned so that the aspirations of students can be channeled directly to the parties concerned. With the interaction directly between the students and the authorities, it is expected that the authorities can answer and realize the aspirations of the students.

The series of Aspiration Day activities begins with the introduction of the Class To Class event here DPM will explain how the event will be held and bring the cloth for the students to channel the aspirations that were carried out on Monday, March 19, 2018 to Thursday, March 23, 2018 in several classes in Main Building FEB UB , Building D FEB UB, and Building E FEB UB. The second series of events is Aspiration Tree, aspiration tree is a bare tree made of twigs that will be filled with aspirations of FEB UB students written on sticky note and then attached to Aspiration Trees that were executed on Monday, March 26, 2018 until Wednesday, March 29, 2018 in Lt. 1 Building D FEB UB and Building Basement E FEB UB. The last series of events is Aspiration Day is a question and answer between the Dean and students of FEB UB which will be held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 and Wednesday, September 26, 2018 in the basement of Building E FEB UB from 12:30 to 15:00


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