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8 March 2018
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9 March 2018

Every year EBBraU as a basketball institution in the Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya Universsity always follow the tournament between the faculty of economics in Indonesia. One of them Art and Sport Appreciation UNS 2018 held by the Faculty of Economics, University of Sebelas Maret. The event was held on March 15 – 23, 2018 in Solo.

 “This kind of event attracts all the faculties of economics in Indonesia to compete for the title and show the existence of their faculty basketball team,” said Ryan Artha (EBBraU’s player).

This year EBBraU send 2 teams of men’s and women’s basketball team after last year managed to bring home the championship although not maximized. EBBraU’s considerable achievements in the scope of the faculty of economics in Indonesia in the previous year made it a special motivation for the team, especially the players to keep the title and the name of the faculty at the national level. This is reinforced by the Chairman of EBBraU 2018 saying that this year target both teams delegated into the final round.

At ARTEFAC UNS 2018, men’s team coach Erie Awalil Fakhri and M. Rano as the women’s team coach has made the selection of players each of his 12 best players to follow. Selected players have also passed the selection that has been done before.