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1 May 2014
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4 May 2014

FEB UB Alumni who are members of the alumni community Alumni giving scholarships to students Bakti FEB, service activity is a concern for the alumni to outstanding students who are less able to get a scholarship to help fund education Semester 8 alumni community is made up of FEB UB Alumni year 1995-2005. The funding raised himself from alumni and not a form of cooperation with the company, this community is also supported by IKAFEBRA.

Alumni FEB expect students who receive scholarships actually meet the requirements, Mr. Radityo Handrito as Vice WWII saying; “The number of students who receive scholarships do not have to fit the existing quota, if the number of applicants who meet the requirements are less than the quota of scholarships issued fixed according to the applicants who qualify.” Quota scholarships in the first year are as many as 20 scholarships.

Requirements devotion of alumni scholarship consists of a minimum GPA of 3.00 as evidenced by transcripts, active in the organization as evidenced by a certificate, certificate can not afford which can be proved by paycheck, electricity bills, taps or certificate of RT / RW and achievements non-academic as evidenced by a certificate. In addition, students who apply for the scholarship are required to write at least 1600 words a thematic essay.

After the selection and administration associated with the files is a requirement, students who pass the selection next administration will conduct selection interviews. The interview will be conducted by the FEB, professional, and board committees. Assessment criteria in the interview that understanding essays, leadership, personality, and Integrity. Students who pass the selection interview is meant to be getting an education or tuition scholarship funds up to half 8. Scholarships will not be awarded in cash, but directly paid at the time of re-registration takes place.

Students who successfully obtained a scholarship would have this two mentors from the alumni, Mr. Radityo Handrito said; “Two of the alumni mentor will be supervising the students.” Students who pass each semester GPA will report the progress, achievements and organizational activities. Party policy committee will take over the development of the students.

Upon graduation, students who get this scholarship will also contribute to the alumni community service activities, including the activities of the alumni community service scholarships. “The hope is the slogan of, by and for the FEB is set to continue for the next class of students,” said Mr. Radityo Handrito.

Scholarships devotion these alumni will begin in the first semester in 2014. There are no restrictions force or half of what the students are studying. “Students who will graduate is allowed to register”, said Mr. Radityo Handrito. Alumni scholarship application service will begin in the first batch (1-30 / 5). Students may enroll in the BEM FEB PD or in Staff 3 (hdn/azh)