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3 April 2015
7 April 2015

Many students who have business in the faculty of economics and business (FEB), but many of the problems often faced by businessmen are still a student, especially for novice businessmen. The problems encountered in general such as lack of funds or capital to start and run a business. On the other hand the most common problem is a deficiency or absence of relationships that support the success of the business, the more complex issues such as self-management unfocused, lacking confidence in running a business, lack of motivation, customer deserted, not a good marketing strategy , which is not good financial management, lack of knowledge and experience in business become a major problem often expressed by the businessmen.

Therefore, BEM FEB create a work program that is Entrepreneur Club (EC) which will be the facilitator and solve various problems in business, especially for students who already have a business FEB and experiencing various problems to be solved. Through the EC, entrepreneurs who are members would be given more education-related business. EC is a place to develop the entrepreneurial potential of students in FEB and serves to welcome AEC in 2015, and to improve the welfare of students FEB.

Besides the EC, also serves as a young entrepreneurial business-related sharing between members of the EC itself with alumni of FEB and presenters are reliable and have knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. The purpose of BEM FEB presents programs packaged EC interesting.

The theme of this event is “Entrepreneurship.”


  1. As a club that can accommodate potential entrepreneurs , a place to exchange ideas , and move the positive activities related to the business world for students FEB.
  2. Providing business-related education for students FEB incorporated in the EC . 


The Society of Young Businessman in FEB which facilitates members in some of the following aspects:

  1. Provision of Media Campaign
    • Physical Promotion
      • Poster (EC Member Product)
      • Leaflet (FEB Catalog)
      • Stand Space Bazar
      • Catalog
      • Ex-banner (Branding Entrepreneur Club)
    • Virtual Promotion
      • Twitter BEM FEB and Twitter EC (About event EC)
      • Instagram (Promotional Products EC members)
  2. Provision of Media Education
    1. Providing material about Patents and Copyrights
    2. Providing material on Business Plan
    3. Providing material about Marketing Product
    4. Providing material on Proposal Submission Loan Fund
    5. Visit Company

The agenda will be held, namely:

  1. Routine Monthly Agenda
    Business Talk (for EC members who already have a business and who do not have a business, the material presented in the form of business plans, patents, product marketing, proposal submission of loan funds, and others).
  2. Annual Agenda
    • Bazaar
    • Economics and Business Week (adjust)
    • Visit Company
    • Product Marketing Competition


  1. Dicky Reza Pratama : 085785896009
  2. Ayu Nurul Sabilla : 082130053005