Suara IE Langkah Perubahan
22 November 2017
PEPS (Praying, Evaluating ,Planning, Studying) PMK MALEAKHI 2017
22 November 2017

The density of existing lecture schedules and endless student bustle requires a stamina and endurance of a balanced and strong and high mentality, with the holding of this event may help remove the fatigue and boredom experienced by students, as refreshing and sports as well as to share also to strengthen and familiarize the students of Economics Department and compete healthily in sharpening talent and to suppress a little sense of boredom and saturation in the activity, so as to create integrity and balance between academic activities with non academic activities. In the midst of intense competition in the business world, students must be able to develop innovation and creativity. In this case, BROADWAY 2017 provides a place for students to develop innovation and creativity in the business field. With the business plan competition held in BROADWAY 2017 series event able to produce the output of young entrepreneurs who are not inferior to the already successful entrepreneurs in their field.

Not only stop the effort to develop good quality softskill through sports competition and bussiness plan competition, BROADWAY 2017 also provides a place for art lovers especially photography art. Through this competition students are able to channel their interest and talent in the field of art. Therefore, the Student Association of Economics Department held BROADWAY 2017 event with the theme “Purwa Sahwahita” which means a useful beginning for all of us. The hope, the presence of BROADWAY 2017 can be a first step introduction to the Department of Economics and can provide benefits for both external parties and internal parties.

The first set of events from BROADWAY 2017 is an opening that is filled with an event introduction. The opening ceremony was held on Friday, October 6, 2017 at the Upper Parking Area and Building Basement E of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya containing various series of events, namely Art Exhibition and Opening Ceremony which are formal, symbolizes that BROADWAY 2017 has been officially opened.

Furthermore, the second series of BROADWAY 2017 Technical Meeting is one of a series of events in sports. This event is the agenda of the event as a means of explaining the series of sports events in the field and held in F Building Hall 7th floor of FEB Universitas Brawijaya. In this technical meeting in addition explained technical explanation related to the series of events in the field of sports also describes the technical implementation of the activities carried out on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Then in the first sports competition held is a basketball competition conducted among high school students in Java and Bali. Basketball competition for high school is held from Saturday to Wednesday, 7-11 October 2017 at Champion (Tidar). In the basketball competition followed by 8 teams from SMA seJawa – Bali namely: SMKN 2 PROBOLINGGO, SMA TARUNA NALA EAST JAVA, SMAN 8 MALANG, SMAN 10 MALANG, SMA ST ALBERTUS (TIM A), SMA ST ALBERTUS (TIM B), SMA BRAWIJAYA SMART SCHOOL, SMA LABS MALANG and the 1st winner is SMAN 8 MALANG while the 2nd champion is occupied by SMAK ST. ALBERTUS (A TEAM) and 3rd place winner is SMAN 10 MALANG on BROADWAY 2017 basketball competition.

The series of the second sports contest is a chess race held on Sunday, October 8, 2017 with the estimated time to finish all the matches is approximately one day. This chess competition is held in the Hall of Main Building of FEB Floor 3 Universitas Brawijaya followed by active university students all around Java and Bali. In the chess competition followed by 10 participants and the 1st winner is R.Edo Ferdy Hermawan while the 2nd champion is occupied by Rizky Akbar CW and the 3rd winner is achieved by Sholahuddin Al Ayyubi on chess race BROADWAY 2017. The BROADWAY 2017 chess contestants are Joshua Christian Oetomo, John Fido, Hans Shenelir, Calvin Saputra, Marsianus Lanamana, Rivaldo Kurniawan, M Rizal Fakhri A, Rizky Akbar CW, Sholahuddin Al Ayyubi, R.Edo Ferdy Hermawan.

Then the second race that was held at BROADWAY 2017 was Bussiness Plan Competition consisting of 3 series of events, namely Technical Meeting, Business Plan Presentation, and Coaching Clinic. Technical Meeting is the opening event of BROADWAY 2017 event in Business Plan Competition which contains explanation about the theme and series of activities, rules and regulations (during the series of events and presentations), and explanation of assessment aspect and winning category held on Friday, October 13 2017 at Guest House Universitas Brawijaya. Next Business Plan Presentation followed by 10 teams from active students throughout the University of Indonesia and who became the 1st Winner is Chick n Pop – ITK Binus Malang while the 2nd Winner is Gethoek Roll – ITK Binus Malang and 3rd Winner is achieved by Umbrella Gamis – Universitas Brawijaya in the business plan competition BROADWAY 2017. The 10 finalists are the business plan contest BROADWAY 2017, namely: Green Coffee – IIK Bali, Umbrella Gamis – FEB UB, Gethoek Roll – ITK Binus Malang, Chaya Bir Pletok – FEB UB, Happy Sleepy Custom Cushion – General, SUBU – ITK Binus Malang, Pempek Cheese – FEB UB, Remos Spray – FEB UB, Apple Donut – FEB UB, Chick n Pop – ITK Binus Malang.

The next activity that is in the race BROADWAY 2017 in the field of national photography with the theme “Economics as a Portrait of Life”. The competition is executed online at the specified time and the results of the photo directly sent in soft copy to BROADWAY 2017. Registration will be done through online registration. In the field of Photography will take 3 categories of winners, the 1st Winner, 2nd Winner and 3rd Winner. On the peak day of BROADWAY 2017, the 15 major participants will be exhibited, and the announcement of the winners of all competitions held at BROADWAY 2017. The photography contest is followed by 12 participants and the 1st Winner is Enggal Mukti while the 2nd Winner is M. Firel Al Fitri and 3rd Winner is achieved by Bagus Satria Putra Anggoro in BROADWAY 2017 photography competition. The participants of photography competition BROADWAY 2017 are: M Firel Al fitri, Retno Septiani, Bagus Satria Putra Anggoro, Dhea Amelia, Brian Jordi, Brian Jordi, Dimas Fauzi Wicaksono, Norton Gartino, Deni Ganda W, Sue Rebeka, Enggal Mukti, Wawan Dwi Prastyo.

After the various competitions of BROADWAY 2017, the event was closed with several series of events such as BEC Performance, Brawijaya University Orchestra, Performing Arts Performances which invited some guest stars, namely: Malang local artist and local band and award for winners in various competitions. This activity was held on Sunday, October 15, 2017 held at Gazebo Universitas Brawijaya.

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