CIES Economist Club

(Indonesia) Semakin Membanggakan, Tim FEB UB Meraih Gold Medal dalam Ajang Advanced Innovation Global Competition di Kancah Internasional
19 November 2019
20 November 2019

CIES Economist Club is a work program of CIES to realize cadres who are critical of the
current issues of Islamic economics in the form of studies which are held every two weeks. Not
only the delivery of material, but accompanied by questions and answers, discussions, and
quizzes. The cadres were so enthusiastic that the discussion went as expected. Issues that have
been discussed include: Transfer of halal certification from MUI to BPJPH where there are pros
and cons in the case. Then, the Urgency of Halal Labels on Economic Patterns that discuss the
importance of halal certification and the potential of the halal industry in Indonesia. And the
establishment of Islamic Financial Institutions for students who can move the economy slowly
from mini LKS to and from students. In the Special CEC the committee also invited Prof. Ir.
Sukoso, M.Sc., PhD who explained about Halal Product Guarantee and for what functional
BPJPH was established in Indonesia, in addition to the head of BPJPH the committee also
invited Dr. KH. Agus Hasan Bashori, Lc., M.Ag who discusses Islamic economics from the
viewpoint of the Qur’an and the Hadith and Ijma ‘of the scholars. The output produced by the
CEC is very influential with the achievement of CIES in the race that was followed during this
2019 period.