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11 April 2018
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12 April 2018

Coffee share is a work program in HMJIE from Internal Public Relations Division which aims to accommodate economics students with the department of economics with the intention of transparency between the majors with students, and become an event to be a solution to issues of issues circulating in the scope of economics majors the target is the administrators and members of the Department of Public Relations of the Department of Economics Student Association and all students of Economics Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. In this year, coffee share is held for three series, in three series of activities that carried out include sharing and discussion with the department which in one of its series also invite alumni of economics department to discuss about the world of work at this time.

            The purpose and purpose of this activity is as a medium of communication, as a source of information on all activities that exist in IE and HMJIE, and as a medium of transparency of all activities in HMJIE to expect all students of Economics is not lack of information. The specific objectives to be achieved through this activity are: to provide understanding to students IE on all forms of problems that occur in the scope of the Department of Economics, as a medium of information distribution both academic and non academic, meet the needs of students about information, instill solidarity and loyalty against HMJIE.

The first series will be held on April 25, 2018 which is located in F Building Hall of FEB UB 7 floor with the theme “Prepare your KKN-P from now on” the material that will be given include guiding students to prepare KKNP from the beginning and how to make KKNP can be completed on time. Speakers who will be invited are the ranks of the department of economics. The second series will be held on September 19th, 2018 which is held in Building Hall D FEB UB with theme “Create your own schedule for better education” material that will be delivered about socialization of study plan cards and curriculum discussions that are being run in economics. The third series will be held on November 21, 2018 which is held at Aaula Building D FEB UB with the theme “Sharing experiences for the future” which held material that will be submitted about the world of work and guide students to face the world of work today. In this third series will bring together the students with alumni who hope the students will get more experience about the world lectures and also the world of work.

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Dzakka Al Muqaffi