CTA (CIES The Adventure)

17 November 2019
(Indonesia) Lomba Indonesia Menari
17 November 2019

CTA is a study visit to the university. This visit provides an opportunity for students to establish student relations between students. The place for developing academic insight is expected to be able to provide academic innovation, especially at CIES as a great strength and to refresh and explore the potentials of the students themselves. So that later this activity will be the main capital for students to carry out their role again as elements of society to make changes because students are indeed agents of change in the existing strata of society.

CTA is held on Saturday and Sunday, November 16-17 2019, who visited Surabaya with the target participants being CIES members. This activity aims to silaturrahim media in strengthening ukhuwah between CIESer and external parties (other University students), as a means of sharing knowledge in organizations, and as a CIESer learning media at ZISWAF institutions.

In this year’s CTA activities the theme “The Rises of Islamic Economics in Indonesia”. This year’s CTA activity will visit the Surabaya State Islamic University and the East Java National Amil Zakat Board (BAZNAS) located in the city of Surabaya.

It is hoped that in the activities of CTA it can also be a means of increasing ukhuwah among CIESers and as a medium to gain organizational knowledge. And share experiences about religious knowledge and work programs.