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28 May 2015
<!–:en–>Malachi Easter 2015: "Celebriting your life with the living God"<!–:–><!–:id–>Paskah Maleakhi 2015 :“Celebriting your life with the living God”<!–:–>
28 May 2015


In a relationship organisasai, the bond of brotherhood among members is an important thing. With ukhuwah good, it will be correlated with the achievement of the objectives of the organization itself included in the organization CIES (Center for Islamic Economic Studies). No form ukhuwah the most good for the development of Muslims, besides ukhuwah Islamiyah.Pentingnya keep and maintain ukhuwah also taught by the Prophet Muhammad. “The believer is like a corpse, like a building or a mutually confirmed,” the word he in the hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

It is wonderful, if every Muslim nurture and maintain ukhuwah, so that Muslims can be a most powerful force in the world. Seeing such case, the CIES (Center for Islamic Economic Studies) plans to carry out activities of CTA (CIES THE Advanture) with the hope of a relationship between CIESer with other universities, especially KSEI (Islamic Economics Study Group) in Indonesia especially those of East Java for the better again.

Event themes

“Understanding the brotherhood of Moving Together”

Purpose and objectives

  1. Sebagai silaturrahim media and strengthen brotherhood among CIESer and also with other KSEI.
  2. As a means to share knowledge about Islamic economics between CIES with other KSEI.
  3. As a means to share experiences both in the race and committees

Implementation of Activities

CTA will be held on:

Day: Sunday-Monday, 7-8Juni 2015

Time: 07.00- 20.00 pm

Place: University of Jember


05:00 to 06:00: Registration Participants

06:00 to 07:00: Participants Entering Bus

07:00 to 12:00: Journey to UNEJ (State University of Jember)

12:00 to 12:15:

  •  recitation
  •  Motivation Story
  •  Speech
  1. Chapel CTA
  2. Kadept PR 2014

12:15 to 13:30: ta’aruf All CIES FEB UB with KSEI UNEJ

13:30 to 13:45: Games

13.45- 14:00: Closure (giving cedramata) and photos together

Participant registration

Registration held May 24-June 7

Contact Person

Noufal (081332922882)

Onyo (081282918424)