Dedicated with Colaborated in Harmonic for Student Welfare

2 April 2018
Marketing Communication Strategy
2 April 2018

Advokesma (Advocacy and Student Welfare) is one department that is under the auspices of the Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya. Department Advokesma serve two functions, namely the function of advocacy and service functions. In the advocacy function, advokesma team assigned to conduct mentoring to students who have academic problems, and finance. In addition advokesma also performing his duties as a mouthpiece of the students to the Dekanat and the Rector. While in the service function, Advokesma helping coordinate the provision of scholarships and other information derived from the faculty and the university. Advokesma activity has the theme “Dedicated with Colaborated in Harmonic for Student Welfare”.

In performing these two functions, Advokesma has several programs, that is advo Action (Advo Center, Advo Corner, Halo Advo, Advo Online, Questionnaire, and Intel Advo) provides services related advocacy with financial or non-financially, online as well as dissemination of information regarding scholarships and vital information of bureaucrats to Students FEB, this activity was conducted over a one-year stewardship of BEM FEB 2018. Forkesma is Forum outstanding students in the academic field to help students of FEB in obtaining information about scholarships and competitions, the event was held in April, early September, late November and DEBU scholarship provide scholarships to students of FEB requiring this activity was held on late November 2018.