Dean and Institute Treasurer Held a Workshop in order to Clarify the Regulation of Proposal Making and Activity Report FEB UB to Reach a Work Achievement

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16 March 2018
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18 March 2018

MALANG – In order to clarify the regulation of proposal making and activity report, FEB UB Dean and the Institute Treasurer at FEB UB held a workshop on this day (17/03/2018) in Main Meeting Room of Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. Currently the Dean of FEB UB is incessantly formulating strategies to improve the achievement of one of the work by clarifying the regulation for the creation of efficiency and effectiveness of administration process in FEB UB, so that all activities in FEB UB can run well without any administrative constraints. “All the good activities undertaken by the students and by the students we must lead to achievement and improvement of our work performance all” said Dr. Moh. Khusaini, SE., M.Si., MA. as Vice Dean for Student Affairs FEB UB in his speech. He also wants the overly bureaucratic administration process to be eliminated without losing the substance of accountability.

This workshop discusses the regulations related to the making of proposal and activity accountability report, room loan, facility and infrastructure loaning, fund disbursement, and standardization of FEB UB news website content. The speakers who conveyed about the regulations such as Athoillah, S.E., M.E. (Staff Expert for Student Affairs), Setu, SE., M.MA, (Head of General and State Property), Drs. Kadri, MM (Head of Administration Division), Sarji, SE (Head of Financial and Personnel Division), Agus Widyatama, S. Kom (Information System Manager, IT Infrastructure and Public Relation), and Soeharto, SE (Ka Sub-Chart of Student and Alumni Affairs) as moderators.

The proposal-making regulation and LPJ / SPJ did not change much with the previous regulation, only this time the collection limit of LPJ / SPJ is more clarified. Also with regulation of disbursement of funds. Furthermore, regarding the regulation of lending room and infrastructure facilities which previously obliged to submit two letters, now become one letter only by attaching a proposal already known and approved by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs FEB UB. Then on the regulation of news coverage and website content FEB UB experienced many changes that lead to digitalization. Several procedures previously performed manually are now done by uploading on the website FEB UB, such as reporting achievements and submission of news events. Even in the future PSIK plans to hold upgrading the website for the PR department of each institution so that the website of every institution in FEB UB more interesting and standardized.

The new regulations are intended to make the administrative process of FEB UB more efficient and effective. If the administrative process is not complicated, the activities in FEB UB will run smoothly, so indirectly it can improve the performance achievement of FEB UB. Right at 12.00, the event ended with a prayer by Soeharto, SE and closing statement from Athoillah, S.E., M.E.