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6 April 2017
Trainning Organization work program is the program of work of Homeband FEB UB in 2017
6 April 2017


On February 25th 2017, the delegation teams of Brawijaya University departing from Kota Baru Station, Malang, to Tugu Station, Yogyakarta. At Tugu Station, the teams were picked up by committee of the International Accounting Week 2017 and went to a hotel.

On February 26th 2017, the delegation teams of Brawijaya University and other teams from other universities attended the Opening Ceremony of International Accounting Week 2017. Delegation tems of Brawijaya University consists of 2 teams. The first team consists of Sintia Farach Dhiba, Dewi Izzatul, and Dicky Arvianto. Meanwhile, the second team consists of Danny Martin, Jasset Joy, and Nur Khasanatun. After attending the Opening Ceremony and then Technical Meeting, the team were directed to the room where the competition began. The first stage followed by 24 teams then eliminated into 12 teams for the Semi Final.

The teams from Brawijaya University were able to proceed until the Semi Final and ranked 1st and 5th. Semi Final requires the delegations to work on cost accounting cycle. Team 1 from Brawijaya succeeded to the Final Round in position 3 and the 2nd team has not succeeded to the Final Round in position 6. After that, all the teams form Brawijaya went back to their hotel.

The Final Round began on February 27th 2017. Delegates who succeeded until this round are from Gadjah Mada University, Perbanas Surabaya, and Brawijaya University. In this round they have to answer questions like a quiz. The team from Brawijaya was able to answer the questions properly. Finally, the delegate team form Brawijaya could won first place, followed by the University of Gadjah Mada in 2nd and Perbanas Surabaya won the 3rd place. After that the delegates from various universities following the Closing Ceremony and awards. After attending the Closing Ceremony, the delegate temas from Brawijaya went back to Malang. This competition provides new experiences and knowledge for the teams. The recommendation for the delegate teams form Brawijaya is to learn the material for future competition more and more.