Delegation of the race Debate Sharia Economic Week 6 Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta 2018

2 FEB UB Delegation Team Received BEST PAPER and BEST PRESENTATION in TEMILNAS XVII FoSSEI Event in Medan
1 April 2018
2 April 2018

The Islamic finance industry in Indonesia has the potential to continue to grow and have a great benefit for the economy. Non-Bank finance industry (IKNB) based on the Sharia has become a pillar of strength in the Islamic finance industry, that its development is expected to cultivate the syariah economy can take in Indonesia. Its existence was marked by increasingly rampant growing business or trade transactions that utilize the internet as a medium of communication, collaboration, and cooperation between companies or between individuals. Look at how the rise of new companies as well as a plunge into the old format of electronic business e-business and e-commerce. A development of the digital economy of the characteristics/nature i.e. the existence of value creation, a product in the form of efficiency of distribution channels, and the structure in the form of occurrence of personalized service and as you wish.

            In Indonesia, Bank Indonesia’s system of real time gross settlement (RTGS) system of electronic transfers a between participants in rupiah which settlement is done instantly (real-time), individually per transaction, the amount is quite significantly, i.e. moving between Rp 3 trillion to Rp 4 trillion per month. It can be categorized as a e-banking transactions as part of on the digital economy. Likewise with e-shopping banking transactions for ATM cards and debit cards per month in 2007 include between Rp 247 billion up to Usd 293 billion per month. Credit card transactions via the internet any number is also significant, i.e. it moves between Rp 38 trillion to Rp 44 trillion per month.

After learning of the problem the importance of preparing for the Islamic finance industry to meet in Indonesia as the country’s largest Digital economy Year 2024, HIMEPI UMY felt the need to hold an educational event called SEW VI with carrying the theme ” The urgency of the Islamic finance industry to meet in Indonesia as the country’s greatest Year 2024 Digital economy “that one destination is the race debate which God willing will be held on September 2-3 April 2018 at the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta in order to socialize the entire stakeholder or civitas akademika about embodying the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia to meet the country’s largest Digital economy as the Year 2024.

The Faculty of Economics and business delegation consists of 3 teams, each team consisting of 3 persons with the number of participants 9 people. The race debate was attended by a total of 17 teams from Universities all over Indonesia. The hope delegates FEB UB can obtain the best results for bringing fragrant campus names at the national level.