Department Advokesma

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12 March 2019
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14 March 2019

Advokesma (Student Advocacy and Welfare) is one of the Departments under the auspices of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya. In accordance with the function of BEM as an executive that houses FEB students, BEM is expected to be able to provide benefits and dedication to students. So far there have been a lot of student problems that have not been resolved due to students’ ignorance of the bureaucratic system. In addition, a lot of information from the faculty and university bureaus that escaped and was not delivered to students, whether it was information about scholarships or other information. Therefore, the Advokesma Department of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business was formed.

            The Advokesma Department performs two functions, namely the advocacy function and the service function. In the advocacy function, the Advokesma Department is in charge of assisting students who have administrative and academic problems. In addition, Advokesma also carries out her duties as a speaker for students to the Dean and the Rector. While in the service function, Advokesma helps coordinate the provision of scholarships and the provision of other information that comes from the Faculty and the University.

            In carrying out these two functions, with the theme “Cerdas Dalam Berkasi Untuk Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa”. Advokesma has several work programs namely Advo Action (Advo Center, Information and Publication Media, Advo Synergy), and DEBU scholarship. The form and time of activities of the Advokesma Department is continuous service during the period of the management of BEM FEB UB 2019 with the target of the participants of all students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya.

With the planned work program, it is expected that the Advokesma department management in particular and all BEM members in general can provide positive meanings and benefits to the surrounding and be able to carry out executive functions to the fullest.