Dikau Tondo Prastyo 2nd Winner at ACCOUNTS Paper Competition 2018 at Andalas University

Inauguration of the Executive Board of Student Family and Post-Graduate Student Association Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
29 March 2018
2 FEB UB Delegation Team Received BEST PAPER and BEST PRESENTATION in TEMILNAS XVII FoSSEI Event in Medan
1 April 2018

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya return to achievement in national level. Dikau Tondo Prastyo, a student of Economic Development Study Program of Economics class of 2015 won 2nd place in ACCOUNTS Paper Competition 2018 which was held on 30 March 2018 at Andalas University.

Andalas Accounting National Event (ACCOUNTS) Paper Competition 2018 is a scientific writing competition organized by Andalas University Accounting Student Association. This competition is the theme of “Indonesia Economic Development Based on SMEs and Creative Industries”.

The man who is familiarly called Dikau has been through various stages of the race until finally elected to be one of 20 participants who had the opportunity to present his scientific papers at the University of Andalas. Scientific paper that was lifted by Dikau titled “Revitalization of Business Based Digital Services to Improve Collective Efficiency of MSME Fishery Sector”. When asked why the title was raised, you said “I raised the title on the backdrop of the potential of capture fisheries and large cultivation but still not maximally utilized and has not provided significant economic impact for the welfare of fishermen and cultivators, supported by a digital economy that is increasingly likely to integrate between stakeholder and accelerate the flow of information so it is expected to increase the added value and productivity of fisheries through integration of input output both upstream and downstream. “Departing from the background that eventually led to Dikau won 2nd in ACCOUNTS Paper Competition 2018.

The student who is also an outstanding student of Economics Department added “One advice that motivated me, Buya Hamka said, ‘If the boat has been pedaled in the middle, the spirit should not recede even if the waves come crashing, let the steering wheel break, let the screen tear, it is more noble rather than turning the bow back home. “And the true result is not betrayed effort.” Achievements that just achieved it does not necessarily make you quickly complacent but rather a race to give better results in the next race, “Insha Allah keep the spirit to participate in the race LKTI, ZConference, and business. “