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15 October 2014
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16 October 2014

Malang (3/10) – Talent EBBRAU (Basketball Economics of Brawijaya University) is already no doubt. Various glorious achievements achieved by the basketball team pride Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB).

After successfully defeating the Faculty tenik (FT) in the semi-final Olympic UB (OB) in 2014 with the acquisition of a score of 43-36, EBBRAU also managed to beat the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) with a score of 64-34 in the final and Princess FEB basketball team successfully won one in 2014. Rima OB Alvionita EBBRAU chairman said, “Despite the fierce competition had occurred with the FT that we think has a skill that is capable women’s basketball team thank God we were able to survive and win the game, until finally met in the final of women’s basketball FPIK . ”

Powerful players in the 2014 OB this time coming from members EBBRAU force 2013 and 2011 with five core players and up to 6 players. Which EBBRAU women’s basketball team in the OB is chaired by Olivia Claresta JA students FEB.

Whereas men’s basketball team in the semi-final against FPIK achieve a score of 53-38. “Although it has not managed to win the title first thank God our men’s basketball team won a championship 3. Which is in the title race this 3 EBBRAU compete with FIA (Faculty of Administration) and managed to achieve a score of 66-64,” said M. Fajlurahman JIE students who as well as the captain of the men’s basketball team.

“OB is one annual event that we are required to follow. Thank God we always champion in a match yesterday OB and in 2013 women’s basketball team won a championship 2. Work hard to maintain the quality of the game with regular exercise is the key to our success “, said Rima Alvionita who is also a student of JM.

The game is running smoothly more so exciting when excited fans continued to voice FEB FEB jargon victory. “We love this do we FEB, FEB we love you” sound so loud jargon FEB voiced in unison by supporters FEB. Each of the large family of games always present FEB EBBRAU support team who constantly won the event in a variety of basketball games. In this OB 2014, supporters FEB chaired by JM students Doit Pradana FEB as representatives of the Student Executive Board (BEM FEB UB).

“I am very proud of EBBRAU. Friends had played well in OB this year. Compactness has been established. However, this compactness should be maintained and enhanced, since there are many basketball games that we will follow after this. This unanimity is important that team synergy sustained during the match “, said Rima Alvionita.

In the near future about November EBBRAU will compete again at the LBF and UGM Cup competition. With often get the championship title matches and UGM LBF EBBRAU optimistic Cup will win the title again. “Of course we will continue to regularly practice and as I often say we will continue to maintain and improve the cohesiveness of the team to maintain the quality of the team in every game” added Rima Alvionita.