Eco Care 2018: Blood Donation, One of Community Service Activities from HMJIE

Kepastian dan Kestabilan
16 May 2018
Perubahan Waktu Jadwal Kuliah di Bulan Ramadhan
17 May 2018

Malang – On Monday, May 14, 2018 has been held Eco Care 2018 which is a series of activities from HMJIE FEB UB in order to foster the awareness of FEB UB students about the surrounding environment. Of the three series that will be implemented, the first series of blood donation has been successfully implemented in Basement FEB UB. In conducting this activity, HMJIE FEB UB in cooperation with PMI Malang City will assist the implementation of blood donor activities.

This activity was also attended by the Chairman of the Department of Economics, Dr. Ghozali Maski, SE., MS who gave a speech to start the event. “This activity is a forum for FEB UB students to channel awareness to the community where donated blood is expected to be useful for others” said Mr. Ghozali.

PMI Malang City also expressed their gratitude to HMJIE FEB UB because with this activity can help them fulfill blood stock that must be available. “For donated blood this can only last 35 days so that blood donor activity like this really help us fulfill our inventory target that is 2500 bag before Ramadan” said Pak Agus as representative of PMI Malang. Not only with FEB UB, PMI Malang also cooperate with almost all faculties in Universitas Brawijaya.

In addition to blood donors, Eco Care 2018 also has two more series of visits to the Al-Mustofa Orphanage in Malang Regency and also a visit to one of the villages in Malang Regency. The visit to this village also has three series where the first is to increase entrepreneurship spirit in society by giving counseling about how to build a business and also do marketing for existing business. Second is from the environmental aspect that is by providing assistance such as seeds for farmers to grow crops and covered with treatment and free checks.