Organization Training HMJIE 2018, RESPEK (Responsif, Sinergitas, Profesionalitas, Etika dan Komperhensif
16 April 2018
FEB Goes To Pimnas
16 April 2018

Competitions are an opportunity for the Economics and Business Dance Club (EDC) to demonstrate its existence and capabilities, also to test the creativity of EDC members. The goal that EDC want to achieve in 2018 is to compete in national competitions and improve achievement at the national level. Based on these wishes and goals, EDC holds a routine exercise which aims to add our dancing skills and preparing EDC members for the upcoming competition. The EDC routine exercise is divided into two exercises that are exercise of each genre and joint exercises.

Exercise routine held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Saturday in April – November 2018 at 18.00 – 21.00 WIB. Exercise routine held at Basement Faculty of Economic and Business Brawijaya University and DnD Studio Jl. Semanggi Timur No.8 Malang City. In the exercise of each genre, EDC members are trained by professional trainers who have frequently participated in national and international competition. EDC have four genres that are modern, hiphop, cover, and traditional. And then, in 2018 EDC adds a new genre called saman dance. In joint exercises, EDC members of each genre teach each other the dance they learned to other members of the genre. The goal is that the skill dance obtained by members of EDC is not limited to just one genre.

            With routine exercise, EDC members can add their knowledge of dance and level up their skill so we can join the competitions. Other than that, this routine exercise also make EDC members more active, creative and innovative in preserving the nation’s cultural values.