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19 March 2015
<!–:en–>Forstiling: “KOMPAQ” (Al Qur’an Lovers Community)<!–:–><!–:id–>Forstiling: “KOMPAQ” (Komunitas Pecinta Al qur’an)<!–:–>
19 March 2015

Student as an individual who enters a campus environment urgently needs an information about campus life in order to perform its obligations and rights as a student receives is true and correct.
Not a few of the students who eventually just be a spectator in the world of college so as if they had no existence at all campus activities. But as the scientific community, students are required generate ideas and interact with each other. Be aware that the success of the students do not come from the individual alone but also well supported by the surroundings or environment conducive and ability of the students to socialize and work together in it.
Thus it is necessary to be held businesses and potential activities and also a provision which is very useful in preparing cadres for the campus intellectuals could make their own environment conducive and can establish cooperation between components in their own environment, in particular, EGO environment, and the general public. Therefore, EGO will hold a joint activity for the purpose. This activity also provides benefits with knowledge-knowledge that will be conveyed implicitly or explicitly by the actors who have been prepared through their respective roles. Expected public increasingly motivated to improve creativity, initiative, and creativity of their particular field of art.

Theme activities
The theme of this activity is “Exploring the Social Phenomenon Role in Society Through Art”.
The Purpose
• Apply knowledge of theater that has been obtained in LADASTER
• Invite / introduce new students (new students) to the general public
• Demonstrate fecundity EGO

Form of activity

Forms of activity of the “PERFORMANCE STUDY” This is a theater that is done by all new members EGO force in 2015, which aims to introduce new members EGO force in 2015 to the public.
Implementation of activities
Day / Date       : Saturday, March 28, 2015
Place                : Auditorium Building D


16:00 to 19:00             Preparation and characterization committee
19:00 to 19:30             MC + Read the poem
19:30 to 19:45             Opening + EGOstic
19:45 to 21:15             Stage theater
21:15 – Closing            finished + EGOstic

Contact Person
1. Davin Marela (081 249 635 202)
2. Hadiasti Alfisyahrina (083 852 031 429)