Entrepreneur Club as FEB UB Student Entrepreneurship Container

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12 April 2018
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12 April 2018

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya has more than 2000 students who are currently taking active S1 education where there are students who own their own business, students who will start a business start up, or wish to have their own business.

Of the three conditions that are owned by the economic students, some problems arise such as how students can develop their business, how students get capital, how students should start their business, and other issues related to the interests of entrepreneurship. Because these problems are present Entrepeneur Club (EC). The theme of this EC activity is “FEBerwirausaha”.

EC is an association that aims to be able to accommodate entrepreneurial potential in students, place to exchange ideas, and mobilize positive activities related to business world for FEB UB students. EC also provides educational materials related to business as well as further foster student interest in entrepreneurship. EC is held from March to November 2018 and one of the event is held in basement FEB UB. The series of EC activities include School Entrepeneur Behavior or business class held every certain period at Ngalup Co. In this EC business class there is providing material about the Business Plan and materials around the world of entrepreneurship. The next EC activity is the Bazaar. In the business class, information distribution is more focused on the theory concerned, while the Bazar event is more focused on the practice of theory where members can “feel” and observe directly what the actual market situation. EC activities are highly varied to foster entrepreneurship interest in economy students. Business Talk is also included in one of the EC’s activities where it is a dialogue on business in entrepreneurship, Business Talk has experienced business and entrepreneurial experts to share knowledge and experience.

In addition, other forms of EC activities are associations of businessmen in FEB that facilitate members in several important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as the provision of promotional media in the form of Poster that is in the form of EC member products, Space Stand Bazaar, Catalog and Ex-banner which is branding EC. Promotions can also be shaped Virtual Promotion, for example is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Official Line @ and other social media that helps as a media campaign. Members who follow this EC series are expected to be able to establish their own business and the business they have run will be able to grow even better.

 thereby EC can be a means and infrastructure to exchange ideas or sharing about entrepreneurship and also provide promotional media that support product publicity and develop business owned by economics student. Then provide education in the form of morale and related material in the business to be started or business development owned by students, then organize positive activities that support the development of networks or relationships owned by participants, and provide information and mentoring entrepreneurial competition such as Business Plan competition and others to students FEB UB. The targeted target through this EC activity is the students and students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya who have owned and run a business or who want to run a business in order to become a good entrepreneur as it should be. The entrepreneur is expected to compete with other entrepreneurs and can survive in the business world.