EST Brawijaya 2018

Issuance of Indimolor Bulletin for Student Selection (Pemilwa) 2018
2 December 2018
Muktamar CIES 2018
2 December 2018

Development of sports is part of efforts to improve the quality of human resources. This guidance is directed to improve the physical, mental, spiritual, the formation of character and personality, discipline and sportsmanship in order to improve the achievement that can bring the good name of Indonesia in the international arena world.

Basketball and futsal is a popular sport among the world community, especially for college students. This is evidenced by the existence of which has been implemented both the regional level to the national level. Futsal and basketball sport can be a potential development event and can apply it according to ability. In addition the band festival can be used as a place to hone one’s art skills.

Sports Economics and Talent which is be run by BEM FEB Universitas Brawijaya is a national level event as a forum for interest-talent development especially in sports arts and music art. Competition that includes two sports namely futsal and basketball and one branch of art that is the band music that will be followed by all Faculty College students at the national University

Passion will be the main thing raised in the event EST Brawijaya where the process is not only there in this event but also a reflection of themselves to achieve success in life and this is all symbolized in every aspect of the activity. The theme of the stretcher this year is the City Of Star. The purpose of this event is:

  1. Establish closeness and togetherness among fellow College students in the national arena
  2. Improving the quality of college students and hone the ability to compete that upholds the value of sportsmanship.
  3. As a first step to channel sustained interest and talent in developing college student talents (especially in sports and arts) in order to strengthen an ideal for a better future for the College students

Activity Implementation


date: 19 November – 24 November 2018

time : 08.00 – done

place: Pertamina Gor


date: November 25 – November 30, 2018

time: 08.00 – done

place: Pertamina Gor


date: December 1-2, 2018

time: 08.00 – done

place: Gazebo UB

Contact Name / Address

Fauzan Zaki Mahendra / Management 2016/165020207111029/08176095996


BEM FEB 2018