Annual Indicator Meeting Deliberations XXXIII 2018
27 December 2018
VODAY (Voice of the Day)
27 December 2018

MIT Syiar is one of the forms of student activities organized by the Student Autonomous Institution at the University of Brawijaya Faculty of Economics & Business, the Center for Islamic Economic Studies (CIES). MIT Syiar is a series of activities that present information and discourse on objective and accurate knowledge related to Islamic economics to the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University and society in general. By presenting Wall Magazine and Magazine (Mading), it is expected to be able to strive to enrich the readers’ discourse by presenting information, knowledge, and related news about the development of Islamic Economics.


Paragraph 2

– Here, explain in writing the implementation of the activities, starting from the meeting, searching for speakers, etc. (Reference see in the proposal huh)

– From the beginning, the series of MIT Syiar activities began from the Mandatory editorial meeting which was held for 4x within a certain period of time.

– Discussion at the first editorial meeting was limited to the distribution of job desk per MIT staff, then a discussion on the theme which finally emerged the theme “Halal life”.

Job desk is divided into 3 types, namely Reporter, Editor, and Layouter.

Paragraph 3

– Discussion of the magazine, at the beginning of the editorial meeting the concept of the concept began to be compiled (I forgot the concept, just explain it). What is the theme of the first magazine?

– There is also a division of the job desk, namely the author and design.

– Kembagin again, huh

Paragraph 4

– Continuing at the second editorial meeting, discussion of the magazine continues to the topic stage of the magazine that you want to appear in the magazine and the division of writing topics to reporters and Layouters.

– Here is an important moment where the contents of the magazine will be interesting if a lot of weighty discussions are also various kinds. There are about more than 10 topics that you want to display, including a discussion of the main topic, Islamic Enterpreurship.

– The magazine itself was stopped at this time because …… So that there is no further progress from Mading.

Paragraph 5

– In this third editorial meeting, the Magazine process has begun in the writing and Layout stages.

– Here the problem is the slow process of the Reporter in collecting the results of his writing to the Editor, so that the magazine process becomes hampered.

– For Mading, there is still no further progress due to ……

Paragraph 6

– Entering the new semester with the presence of new students, Progress magazine is still at the writing and layout stage. The delay in sending the writing by the Reporter still occurs, even though it has been urged in such a way.

– Divided into 2 groups of 9 Internship staff. Each group is expected to be able to make 2 topics about the magazine about Islamic Economics and the general Economy.

Paragraph 7

– The magazine itself starts to tidy up the strategy again, and the PJ Mading is replaced for the smooth process of publishing the Mading.

– Not only that, the initial planning of the Mading commenced, by streamlining the proposed Proposal funds, as well as the potential of staff who were not well empowered.

– The target will be done every two weeks, but do you need to enter it here or not?

Paragrag 8

– The target of the magazine made into the printing press is October 20, considering the target of Magazine’s publication is November 2, 2018.

– And this is still being processed until the targeted time is right (Yes … I consider this the minutes for September 30 only, haven’t discussed the issue of magazine printing)