Exercise Routine Economist Goes to Opera Or teater EGO FEB UB

Delegation Futsal Boy Team FEB-UB for RASTA CUP 2015
7 December 2015
Latihan Dasar Teater EGO 2015
7 December 2015

Larut or exercise routine is a work program Economist Goes to the Opera or theater EGO FEB UB in order to train and explore the particular skill EGO force members 2014 and 2015. The routine exercise was held three weeks in a row on Saturday-Sunday, 5-6 , 12-13, and 19 to 20 December.

Exercise routine this time in the form of a workshop presenters who are experts in their field. The material will be delivered in the form of material the actors, makeup and fashion, directing, lighting, sound systems, and so forth. Presenters that will be presented are Didik Harmadi, an artist Malang who is also a lecturer at STKW (Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatikta) Surabaya. Then there is Senja Rahma, an active student FEB accounting majors who will teach the techniques of make-up in theater. There are still many competent speakers presented by committee of LARUT 2015.

This activity is expected to succeed as an exercise activity in previous years. Participants are expected to actually be able to develop techniques actor and later can become a professional actor.