FEB UB: Favorite Winner PKM GT Rector Cup

Sehubungan dengan adanya CBT dan SBMPTN Perkuliahan Tanggal 7 – 8 Mei 2018 Diliburkan
25 April 2018
Brawijaya University Delegation Succeeded to Achieve Achievement in the National Olympic Games of Islamic Economics 2018
27 April 2018

The team consisting of Elang Satrio Prakoso (Financial Economics of Banking 2017), Anandhita Ekawahyu Fitri (Accounting 2017), and Sutan Pagaruyung Hutasuhut (Accounting 2017) succeeded in achieving the Rector Cup event. With the title of PKM “JOHAN: Synergy of Orphanage and Nursing Home for Integrating Life Levels of the Elderly in Old Age”, this team managed to achieve Favorite Champion.

This is certainly a good start for FEB UB in the future. “This is a good start, we must formulate a strategy for the Rector Cup next year, FEB UB can enter at least to the top 10” said Laili Salista as Chairman of LSME FEB UB and one of PKKMABA FEB UB committee.

Although initially had a pessimist will win the champions, but the entire delegation team and the committee sure, with the struggles that have been done through the mentoring, both by lecturers and mentors from LSME, FEB UB delagation team will definitely make a new history in this Rector Cup. And it was proven during the Rector Cup (15/04).

The whole team of delegation and committee of PKKMABA FEB UB who was present was touched and could not believe it. Because the title won by many faculty PIMNAS subscriptions. Amidst the euphoria that feels like a small-scale PIMNAS, they jargon together inside the Samanta Krida Building, shouting “FEB One Soul!”.