FEB UB Received Visits from Spain

12 April 2018
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13 April 2018

Malang – Today (12/04), FEB UB got a visit from representatives of Skyline Design, S.L Spain and Universidad Politecnica De Valencia Spain. The visit was received by the Dean of FEB UB, Drs. Nurkholis, M.Buss., Ak., Ph.D. and other FEB UB officials in Faculty of Economy and Business UB Professors Meeting Room.

They are Emilio Revert Calatayud (Director Skyline Design, S.L Spain) and Christian Gil Gil (Lecturer Universidad Politecnica De Valencia, Spain). Emilio said that his arrival in addition to aiming to introduce Skyline, also to provide information on the internship at Skyline for international students FEB UB.

Emilio also invited Christian in his visit because in his very young age, which is 25 years has been a lecturer at Universidad Poliecnica De Valencia. And when he was 4 years old, he was convicted of cancer complex, so Christian in this visit can share motivation for international students about how he lived his life against cancer and can be successful as it is today.

In addition to inviting Christian, Emilio also invited one of Skyline internship employees who turned out to be FEB UB students, namely Sulthan Hakim (International Accounting 2014). Students who are often called Hakim this could explain about how the work culture in Skyline and what he prepared to be internship in Skyline. “Later if anyone wants to know more information about the internship at Skyline can contact me directly” he said.

The hope, when doing overseas activities, international students FEB UB not only get experience and feel the new college life, but also know how to work abroad, how to communicate with different people culture, and how the work culture abroad. (vq/syg)