Fleksibilitas Strategi
3 December 2018
FEB Goes To Pimnas
5 December 2018

FEBANGGA 2018 held on December 4 2018 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijya (FEB UB) at 19.30. The event with the theme Classic Elegant is an award-winning evening program for outstanding students in FEB UB. Not only students, FEBNGGA was also attended by outstanding alumni-alumni.

Higher education is a forum for developing human qualities, especially students who are targeted to be able to compete in the times. As a state asset, students who are the main elements of tertiary education should be developed as mature individuals with high competitiveness knowledge and abilities. To strengthen superior competitiveness, the thing that must be possessed by a student is hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills have the meaning of skills and skills in the form of mastery of concepts, principles, laws, procedures, strategies, and techniques. While soft skill is the ability of students to work in teams (team work), self-confidence, creativity, independence, communication, social interaction, optimal work, and so on. In connection with the meanings of hard skills and soft skills above, universities should be able to create a conducive academic and non-academic atmosphere so that they can develop the potential of students in academic and non-academic fields.

One effort that can be done to develop student potential optimally is through the development of interests and talents in the fields of science, technology and or art development. Students are given the opportunity to participate in various activities both on campus and outside the campus that really need coaching and mentoring to develop interests and talents and achievements in various positive activities. For this reason FEBANGGA 2018 was held