SEVENTSEAS (Sharia Economics Event South East Asia)
17 November 2018
Marketing Communicaton 2018: “ Digital Marketing Communication (DigiMOn) ”
18 November 2018

FMEI (Indonesian Economic Student Forum) is the work program of the Department of Foreign Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University (BEM FEB UB) Dedikasi Harmoni Cabinet. FMEI (Indonesian Economic Student Forum) is a forum consisting of economic students from UB, UI, IPB, UNY, UNSRI, UGM, UNSOED, UNS, UNPAD, USU, UNDIP, UNMUL, Telkom University, and Airlangga University as a container of active contributions and solutif to the phenomenon of the Indonesian economy that is able to criticize and contribute to the form of economic-based thinking on policies issued by the Indonesian government. Physical meetings can be open discussions, seminars, or scientific meetings attended by competent sources in their field.

This Indonesian Economic Student Forum activity has two main activities, namely the regularly held online meeting and physical meeting held every four months in the form of open discussion, seminar, or scientific meeting. Physical meetings aim to strengthen internal relationships and friendship ties between FMEI members, and are implemented in a mutually agreed place.

The physical meeting of FMEI I (Indonesian Economic Student Forum)  will be held on 16th until November 18th 2018 at Sriiwjaya University. Therefore, BEM FEB (Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics and Business Brawijaya University) sends its delegation to represent FEB UB in following Physical Meeting II FMEI at Sriwijaya University.

The Indonesian Student Economic Forum is a means for Indonesian economic students to actively contribute to the various economic events that occur. It is hoped that in this forum the students’ concern will be more economic phenomenon of Indonesia nurtured again and not only stop there but also formulate solutions together to a better situation again.