Global Entrepreneur Youth Summit 2018

Global Entrepreneurship Youth Summit 2019
29 January 2019
Period VIII Graduation Ceremony of 2018/2019
31 January 2019

Global Entrepreneur Youth Summit 2018 is held from 27-29 January 2019 at the MAGIC  in Malaysia. The first series of events began on January 27, 2019, on this day the delegation has been divided into three class for future activities, the first activity in the morning is business coaching by a mentor about ideas that we bring and the afternoon at 1 o’clock folowwed by rocket or presentation of ideas by all teams in front of the jury and other participants in a predetermined class at the Malaysia Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MAGIC), Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

            Then on the second day, January 28, 2019, there was the second series, the Conference Session, the speakers there is  Alan Go (CEO of ERC Institute), Vines Sinha (Founder and CEO of FatHopes Energy) and Fabien Bouhier. in this activity the participants receive the much knowledge given and participant can to question and answer sessions to the speakers or speakers.

On the last day, January 29, 2019, there was the last series, the business clinic, in this activity participants in the activity in several more teams to solve problems or provide innovation, and after that the Final session by 10 Finalists and continued by awarding are held at the Malaysia Ballroom Innovation and Creativity Global Malaysia Center (magic)