Ahmad Fauzan Fajar, Diovanka Darmawan, dan Ergy Restu Primantari Bring Credit to FEB UB in LKTIN PREDIKSI II at UMM
20 March 2018
Dauroh Tarqiyah Second Level of Regeneration Forum of Islam and Environment (Fostilling) FEB UB
21 March 2018

         CIES as an institution engaged in the development of Islamic economics, on this occasion sent a delegation in the TEMU ILMIAH NASIONAL XVII FoSSEI with the purpose of establishing inter-institutional relationships that also discuss Islamic economics, is discussing the potential of halal industry in the implementation of Islamic economics, and follow the race as a venue to carve out the achievements. This Temilnas is organized by Forum Silaturrahim Studi Ekonomi Islam (FoSSEI) with KSEI Universal Islamic Economics (UIE) as a forum for Islamic economic activists.

Theme of  TEMU ILMIAH NASIONAL XVII FoSSEI is tema “Optimizing Socio-Techno finance for Small Medium Enterprises Development”This TEMILNAS will be followed by all Islamic Economic Study Groups that exist in every University in Indonesia, TEMILNAS implemented with several activities namely Islamic economic Olympics, Symposium, Business Challenge, International Seminar, Gathering night, Bazar Madani, FoSSEI Workshop, Achievement Motivation Training, Women’s Event, National Discussion and Field Trip.

This activity will conducted on 25- 29 March 2018 at the State Islamic University North Sumatera. The Islamic Economics Study Group from Universitas Brawijaya especially the Faculty of Economics and Business participated in this activity, KSEI CIES FEB UB sent 12  delegates of the race, 2 Olympic teams and 2 Finalists of the. It is expected that CIES delegates after participating in this TEMU ILMIAH NASIONAL XVII FoSSEI event can contribute more in the society in developing Islamic economy especially in halal industry and can bring FEB UB’s name in the competition event held in this TEMILNAS.