IDC (Indonesian Debating Competition)

12 October 2017
Jurusan Ilmu Ekonomi Upayakan Tumbuhnya Jiwa Wirausaha Mahasiswa
13 October 2017

A lesson and having Indonesian Debating Competition is a series of events organized by the Student Association Economic Science Faculty Of Economics and Business the Udayana University, Bali. This activity began with the carrying out of selection through essay generated by the participants. The theme of essay question is “Intensifying Resources Development to accomplish Sustainable Economic’s Welfare”. With several sub-theme :

  1. Optimize Human Resources in the land to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people.
  2. The role of the Indonesian Government in improving the competitiveness of human resources in the Era of Free Trade in Southeast Asia.

On Tuesday 1 August 2017 we do technical meeting at Udayana University. In addition to the introduction of the committee, the aim of this event is to clarify the mechanism of the debate that will be done the next day. On Wednesday, 2 August we do the competition with the first opponents of the University of Jember. In the first round of this we experience the defeat, but we remain the spirit. On the second round we against Lambung Mangkurat University and finally we experienced the victory. In the third round or deals, we met with the university president and unfortunately we do the defeat again. But thanks to the performance of the individual you just prima we have successfully passed to the scene of the final quarter.

The final quarter of the round started on 3 August 2017. Our first opponents directly met with the University of Indonesia who led the points at the time of the preliminary stage. But Fortunately we have been able to win and information to the semifinals round. In the semifinals we meet with a team of University of Indonesia and other and unfortunately we experienced the failure. When we compete for the third winner against Gajahmada University, our team back losing because it is already running out of energo when dealing with the University of Indonesia in a row. After the event we directly preparing the return because it does not follow the accommodation of the committee due to the availability of funds that less.

But many valuable experience that can be the team we get in this competition. Among them is how our team can work together under pressure when the case study is in progress. And also many new vocabulary in the debate that we have just learned about it from the other university delegation delegation. Blaspheming the us, the debate is not only the origin speak, but the debate is a knowledge communicate to logic, both bad facts, and also realistic in conveying the arguments or think pattern. And finally we know because we too use the mindset that many faults therefore we all need God. Although each person has a different religion but religion is not for debated.