Indikator Photo Exhibition 2019

(Indonesia) Kongres Nasional Mahasiswa Akuntansi Indonesia KNMAI 2019
26 September 2019
Asesor BAN-PT Lakukan Visitasi untuk Akreditasi Prodi S1 Akuntansi FEB UB
27 September 2019


Indikator Photo Exhibition is an annual agenda which is supervised by the Magazine Division of Indikator. This activity was carried out to improve the photography skills of the internal LPM Indikator and to introduce journalistic photography to the FEB UB academic community. This year’s Indikator Photo Exhibition has been held for two days, 1-2 October 2019.

This activity is located in Basement Building E Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. The participants themselves are the entire academic community and also representatives of student press institutions in Malang. On the first day, the event was held in the form of a photo exhibition that was opened to the public. The program starts at around 12:00 WIB. One of the photos on display was taken during a demonstration in front of the Malang DPRD office. In this activity, visitors to the exhibition were given a small piece of paper which was used to vote on photos that were considered interesting. After the visitors finished walking around and chose a photo that was deemed interesting, a small piece of paper that contained the selected photo title was accommodated in one of the boxes provided.

On the next day, the photo exhibition remains open to the public and starts earlier, at 10:00 WIB. However, this time in the afternoon there was a public discussion activity related to photojournalism. This activity was also opened to the entire academic community FEB UB and also representatives from the student press institutes in Malang. This discussion activity continued until 18:00 WIB. After that, the participants were given a break for the 20-minute Maghrib prayer. The next event was the closing event of the photo exhibition. The activity is a musical performance of guest stars that have been invited and this event ends until 19:00 WIB.

On the way, for the first and second day’s activity, there was an obstacle, there is preparation for a photo exhibition that was felt to be lacking. This causes a delay in the event rundown that has been created. In addition, the lack of human resources who helped in the preparation of the exhibition also became another obstacle and resulted in the retreat of the rundown.