Indikator Upgrading 2019

Semarak Startup Nasional dalam Roadshow Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital di FEB UB
22 April 2019
Pelatihan Penulisan 2019
23 April 2019

Malang, April 12-14 2019, Student Press Institute Indikators of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (LPM Indikator FEB UB) hold an upgrading Indikator. The activity was held for three days and took place in Building D FEB UB. Of course, all members of the LPM Indikator are obliged to attend this activity and invite speakers from the media, named Wan Ulfa Nur Zahra. In addition, the theme of this activity is data driven journalism, with the aim of increasing the ability of LPM Indikators members to search for and process issues into news, increase social sensitivity along with increasing LPM Indikator relations with external parties.

Within three days, LPM Indikators were given material on data driven and then continued with practice sessions. By giving data in the form of the death of journalism in the world, then processed into data driven journalism. Later all members of the LPM Indikator are expected to be able to visualize the data they have in order to be able to attract readers for accurate news. Because of the importance of this activity, then expect cooperation from all parties involved in it and the future hope is that LPM Indikators’ performance will be better with the news that attracts readers but in accordance with the news value so that it is accurate, sharp and trustworthy.

Evaluation during activities is a lack of time in data practice so that it has an impact on insufficient writing results. Therefore, the suggestion for the future is to consider more about time and hopefully can invite other speakers who have the ability in other matters, besides data driven journalism. Thank you LPM Indikator for giving all parties who helped to succeed this activity even those who contributed to this activity. The hope for this activity in the future hopefully will be even better.