Ahmad Fauzan Fajar, Diovanka Darmawan, dan Ergy Restu Primantari Bring Credit to FEB UB in LKTIN PREDIKSI II at UMM

Motivasi Bawah Sadar Wirausaha
20 March 2018
21 March 2018

The National Student Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN) was held again by the University of Muhammadiyah Malang in the event of National Achievement and Scientific Competition II (PREDIKSI II) with the theme “Actualization of Indonesian Youth through Creative, Innovative and Inspirational Ideas to Achieve SDG’s 2030”.

Brawijaya University participated in this competition which was represented by Ahmad Fauzan Fajar (IE 2016), Diovanka Darmawan (IE 2016), and Ergy Restu Primantari (Accounting 2016) under the title “Halalme: Optimizing Financing of BMT for Halal Industry through the Web Crowdfunding Concept” .

Dio and the team are aware that the halal industry is able to grow with the help of SMEs, but MSMEs have difficulties in funding so difficult to develop. So, Dio and the team suggested a solution that is by using the role of BMT and crowdfunding system.

Upon this idea, Diovanka and the team were ranked third as Best Paper. Not only that, after the presentation also the participants attended the national seminar as well as field trip. “The event is alhamdulillah exciting and interesting, hope friends in the FEB also encouraged to follow the competitions and achievers in any form”, said Dio.