Confide of FEB UB Student in Aspiration Day 2018

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16 April 2018
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16 April 2018

MALANG – Student Representative Council (DPM) FEB UB once again facilitates the hearing between FEB UB students and the deans. This activity is called Aspiration Day 2018 by taking the theme of ASMAT, which means Student Aspiration Update. The event was held on April 11, 2018 in the basement of Gedung E FEB UB, attended by Mr. Ainur Rofiq, S.Kom., SE., MM., Ph.D., CFA (Vice Dean II), Mr. Muh Khusaini, SE., M.Sc. MA. (Vice Dean III), Drs. Kadri, MM. (Head of Administration Department FEB), and Mr. Aji Purba Trapsila, SE.I., ME.I.

It can be said that Aspiration Day this time is a venue of confession from the students themselves. This is evidenced by the number of written aspirations of students in aspiration trees that have been provided by DPM several weeks earlier. Through this aspiration tree, students write what they feel, then by DPM FEB UB, this aspiration finally summarized and advocated to the ranks of dean. By the committee, there are mentioned as many as 500 more aspirations that have been entered into DPM FEB UB.

On this aspiration day, Mr. Ainur Rofiq reiterated the big targets that the dean wanted to achieve in this period. Among them is to encourage students to excel in various competitions, improve existing facilities in the faculty, academic laboratory provision, the addition of literature in the faculty library. Then he also invites students to take an active role to maintain the facilities already provided by the dean. “If we have provided a variety of good facilities, let us jointly maintain”, said Mr. Ainur Rofiq.

The existence of this activity is also appreciated by UB FEB students. “This event is very good to be implemented. Because this is an arena for non-institutional student friends to convey their aspirations “, said Shelvia Nurjannah. “In the future I hope that more aspirations will be drawn by DPM FEB UB and more participants will follow”, he added.

Then Laode Saladin (Chief Executive), expressed his gratitude to the ranks of deans for the positive response given. “Alhamdulillah, the aspirations that have been conveyed by the students have also been answered by the deans”, he said. In the future, it is expected that the aspirations of this student can be heard and get follow up from the Dean of FEB UB,