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27 April 2018
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29 April 2018

MALANG – Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya held a national seminar entitled “Machine Learning and Big Data Approach To Making Business Decision”. The seminar was organized under the cooperation of International Undergraduate Program (IUP) FEB UB and International Economic and Banking Society Studies (IEBSS). The seminar which was held in F Building Hall 7th floor, presented Ibu Dinita Andriani Putri and Mr. Indra Lukas Tjahaja as keynote speaker. This activity was not only attended by students from FEB UB only. But there are also students from other faculties, such as UB Fact of Mathematics and Natural Sciences who have interest in big data phenomenon.

The event started exactly at 8:00 pm. Beginning with the exposure of material by Mrs. Dinita, which explains the phenomenon of big data that has touched various sides of society life. According to him, this phenomenon is not a new thing, because big data itself has emerged since the 1950s. It’s just that the academics have only touched this domain in the past few years. Even various big companies that exist in the world have been giving more attention to big data. As Microsoft is willing to invest millions of US Dollar in order to develop the underwater infrastructure to support big data. “This is proof that big data already plays an important role in the company’s operations”, said Mrs. Dinita. Then, big data era itself has grown with the introduction of new concepts such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Deep Learning. “In today’s world, when we exercise, walk, even while combing our hair, it’s already part of the data,” she added.

Then, in session two, the material was presented by Mr. Indra Lukas who explained about the development of data in the era of Internet 4.0. According to him, in that era, the main focus is the automation in various fields and the emergence of technology-based start up. “Everything that is still manual, which requires a long process, must queue up, will be eroded by this automation”, he said. In the session, Mr. Indra Lukas also had time to show a video that tells about the automation in the field of retail. According to him, in the future shopping activities in supermarkets, no longer require the cashier services that must make consumers queue. “You just take the stuff you want, then there is a computer that uses face recognition will analyze the items you take, and the bill will be delivered to your bank account”, said Indra. Then he also discussed about career prospects for students in the Internet 4.0 era. According to him, after graduating, students will be faced with two kinds of options, namely work in the company and master a specific science or establish a new start up and expedite many fields of science. “But my message is never to stop learning and innovating. Because the science is growing every day. The science you are studying now is only suitable for the present. 10 years in the future, it could be that science is outdated and not match anymore to apply “, he concluded.