Get To Know MAWAPRES FEB UB: Riski DamarFadilah

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21 March 2018
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MALANG – The election of Mahasiswa Berprestasi has been completed. For representatives from FEB UB itself has emerged one name, namely Riski Damarfadilah. He is a student of class of 2015 which comes from International Management class. There is a little interesting story about how Riski Damarfadilah travel to become a Student Achievement at the faculty level.

According to Damar (call Riski DamarFadilah), the event of Mahasiswa Berprestasi is one of the most prestigious and important activities to follow. To become a Mahasiswa Berprestasi, preparation is not easy. In fact, Damar itself has been preparing for the event since PK2MABA started. At that time Damar has devised a strategy to achieve two things to be achieved when becoming a student, that is becoming a Campus Officer and Student Achievement. Damar’s strategy has been to actively organize, focus on competition and competition, and always ask for help and protection from God Almighty.

When becoming a Student Achievement, Damar also not be separated from the challenges that follow. “The main challenge is moral responsibility,” Damar said. The form of moral responsibility now embedded in Riski Damarfadilah is the representation of the faculty. If a person has earned an Outstanding Student degree, then the student has been regarded as an icon of the faculty. In addition, an outstanding student also has a responsibility to find his successor. “It’s a very heavy responsibility to be able to find someone who has a better achievement than me,” Damar said.

Then, Damar also had time to express the benefits when a Student Achievement. “When we can establish relationships with Student Achievement from other faculties, then our thinking will be more open with a variety of disciplines of different sciences and completely new to ourselves”, continued Damar. Even Damar and some other Achieving Student friends have plans to form an outstanding Student Circle (Lingkar Mawapres) which was first held in Universitas Brawijaya. The hope through this Lingkar Mawapres activity, can be held regular discussions to find outstanding students who later can continue their struggle in the arena of Student Selection achievement National level.

“Actually, the Outstanding Student Degree is a gift. The prize of the achievement that the student wants “- Riski Damarfadilah