Inauguration of the Executive Board of Student Family and Post-Graduate Student Association Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya

29 March 2018
Dikau Tondo Prastyo 2nd Winner at ACCOUNTS Paper Competition 2018 at Andalas University
31 March 2018

MALANG – The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya has conducted the inauguration of the Student Family Board and also the Post-Graduate Student Association at FEB UB on Monday (26/3/2018) located at GU Hall 3rd floor. The inauguration was also attended by all leaders in FEB UB, including Mr. Abdul Ghofar, SE., MSi, MAcc., DBA., Ak., CA (Wadek I FEB UB), Mr. Ainur Rofiq, S.Kom., SE., MM., Ph. D., CFA (Wadek II FEB UB), and Dr. Muh Khusaini, SE., M.Sc. MA. (Wadek III FEB UB).

In his speech, Mr. Muh. Khusaini expressed his gratitude to all parties who have been involved in improving student achievement FEB UB. He also explained about the achievements that have been achieved by students, both at national and international level. On this occasion, Mr. Khusaini also invites all stakeholders among students to synergize and work hard to realize the achievements for faculty and university. “There is no achievement that will be realized if we just work in mediocrity”, said Mr. Khusaini.

On the same occasion, Mr. Abdul Ghofar also conveyed the duties and responsibilities carried by the leaders of student institutions. “The task and responsibility is to realize the vision and mission of faculty and university”, he said. He also invites these new leaders to remember and realize the vision and mission. “Vision and Mission is not just a written article, but it is a dream that we must achieve together”, said Mr. Abdul Ghofar.

This inauguration activity was followed by the submission of Decree to the Chairman of BEM FEB UB and the Head of Student Association Post Graduate FEB UB. The event was closed with a photo session together and hospitality between dekanat and board of student affairs.