Have a Business Idea? Realize with Nescafe Kickstart 2018

23 March 2018
Sharing KM FEB UB Program of Department of Home Affairs Student Executive Board
23 March 2018

Foto Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya.

Malang – “For people celebrating change, disruption is the future. However, for those who are comfortable with the present situation and fearful of change, they will think that this is the beginning of extinction. “The statement is a phrase from Prof. Rhenald Kasali presented by Mas Hafiz Sofian Alfath while filling Nescafe Kickstart 2018 event in FEB UB. He also added that companies that are unable to cope with change will not survive. This Calories CEO brings the topic “How to survive in disruption era” which is currently being experienced by Indonesia. Disruption is a fundamental change. In terms of entrepreneurship, this is closely related to digitalization. The fundamental change today is the technological evolution that transformed almost any order of business.

In addition, Nescafe Kickstart 2018 also invited Mr. Faishal Arifin who is CEO of Silver 999. He describes his experience to show that to realize something we need to have a strong and persistent mentality. He himself had tried selling catfish, dumplings, grilled chicken, raising chickens, until selling batik cloth until finally tried the jewelry business. The key to success according to him is to keep the spirit and have a strong determination. “In order to have a strong determination, do the things that fit your passion”, he added.

Vetways Team which is the winner of Nescafe Kickstart 2017 also present enliven the event while describing the stage that they passed before becoming this. Many facilities offered by Nescafe to be able to realize their ideas become real, among others, follow the quarantine and meet them with mentors who have experience in their field. Beginning with their unrest as FKH students for the rapid transmission of avian virus, they also make Vetways application. Vetways is an application that brings farmers to veterinarians and also provides some tips for breeders so that farmers who do not have direct access with animal experts and can learn through this application.

And the last is Mr. Angga Erlando as gold medalist PIMNAS XXVI and Mawapres FEB UB in 2013 which is currently also one of the lecturers at FEB UB. “Ideas can be realized from unrest and trends”, he said. Concerns about the problem can encourage us to come up with ideas as solutions that can be developed into business ideas. In addition, by following the prevailing trend patterns, we can also come up with ideas that suit the people’s tastes.

After sharing knowledge with experts above and increase our knowledge of business, we can also register our business ideas through Nescafe Kickstart 2018 to 08 April 2018. Be useful for others, one of them by becoming an entrepreneur.