FEB UB Debate Team Succeeded 2nd Winner in Shariah Economic Week VI

Pelaksanaan Wisuda Periode XI T.A. 2017/2018
9 April 2018
Students of SMA Negeri 4 Madiun Visit Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya
11 April 2018

MALANG-FEB UB students once again bring the name of faculty and university in the national debate competition. This time the team of delegates consisting of Patrick Wandy N. (Economics 2014), Ajeng P. (Management 2015), and Taradiva Febiola (Economics 2016), managed to get 2nd winner and best speakers (achieved by Taradiva Febiola) in the debate competition organized by HIMEPI Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta.

This debate competition is incorporated in the event titled Shariah Economic Week VI (SEW VI) which was held on April 2-4, 2018 and took the theme of “Urgency of Sharia Finance Industry in Welcoming Indonesia as the Largest Digital Economy Country of 2024”. In this event there are four events held simultaneously, namely Videography Competition, Economic Olympics, Scientific Writing, and Economics Debate Competition. This competition was followed by students from various universities in the country.

During the preparation of Tara (familiar nickname of Taradiva Febiola), revealed that the delegation team often perform training and debate in SME 2nd floor building FEB UB. Even the team members were willing to cut back time to follow the debate exercise. Strict training schedule, intended for the team can be maximal in the race. “Yeah we even practice almost every day, starting from 18:00 pm until 23:00 pm”, said Tara.

In addition, when since joining this competition, Tara also expressed some benefits he gained. “While following the UMY debate contest, our network of relationships is getting wider, because the teams that compete are from all over Indonesia and they have different background experiences with us”, he added. In addition, at this event, Tara and her friends also feel challenged to learn new things. “Sharia economy is a new challenge for us, because our basic is actually a conventional economy”, said Tara. Through this competition, they also have additional knowledge about Islamic Economics and Sharia Economics.

Through this competition, Tara also revealed that their mission is to promote the FEB UB name at national level. “Actually out there are still many competitions that have not been touched by FEB UB students, so here we want to show that we also have achievements that are not inferior to students from other universities”, said Tara.

“The meaning of victory is not how much appreciation we have earned, but the victory must be interpreted through the process that has been passed” – Taradiva Febiola