EDC-G Team Achieved 1st Winner at Korean Festival Dance Cover Competition “Winter Sonata” 2018

27 April 2018
Victory Through Harmony, Management League 2018
29 April 2018

Economic Dance Club (EDC) FEB UB once again boasted the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. The EDC-G Dance Cover team consisting of Farradina Ike W (Management 2014), Reska Mayasari (Management 2014), Mutiara Ayu M (Economics 2014), Bait Safira N. A (Economics 2015), Zahro Lasarik (Management 2015) Claudinia C (Management 2015), Alifia Rahayu L (Entrepreneurship 2016), and Aulia Yuninda S (Accounting 2016) succeeded in bringing back the 1st K-Pop Dance Cover at Korean Festival “Winter Sonata” 2018 held on April 22, 2018 .

The Korean Festival (K-Fest) 2018 which features Winter Sonata theme is held by Student Activity Unit of ITS Foreign Language Society (IFLS) with K-Pop Dance Cover, K-Pop Sing Cover, K-Pop Idol look a Like, Fanfiction Competition, and others. Korean Festival event “Winter Sonata” 2018 was held at BG Junction Surabaya.

One member of EDC-G, Zahro Lasarik who is familiarly called Zahro said “Eventnya quite large, the jury brought in is the owner of the number one dance cover in Indonesia, so it can be one of the input for the dance cover team from EDC-G and EDC branding as well as Faculty Economics and Business. “The Korean Festival 2018 is the second largest competition followed by EDC-G after the International Dance Cover competition, Oran.C K-Pop Dance Stars 2018 yesterday.

“It’s great that we did not expect to win 1 in terms of competing teams, and the jury is the owner of Indonesia’s number one dance cover team, making it a high standard of scoring.” Zahro said when asked about the impression after his team won 1st place for Dance Cover category. “Hard work beats talent whent talent does not work hard. To achieve a success that must be done is to work hard, because the business never betray haisl. Also do not be easily satisfied for an achievement, trus spirit to work hard and produce a new achievement higher. “She added.