Indonesian Economy Student Forum (FMEI)

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6 November 2017
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7 November 2017

Indonesian Economy Student Forum (FMEI) in the odd semester of 2017 will be held in Semarang City, precisely namely in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University. This forum activity is a continuation of previous FMEI forum held in Faculty of Economics and Business, Soedirman University of Purwokerto City. This activity will be followed by Student Executive Board FEB UB as a delegation of this activity. BEM FEB UB delegates five members, namely Arky Darmawan as the chairman of the Student Executive Board FEB UB, then Ferdian Syariffudin and Anindita Virgia from the Department of Strategic Issues and Action Studies (KASTRAT), and Rahmat Takbir and Yossa Geofanny from the External Relations Department

This forum brings the theme of “Populist economy and agrarian revolution in Indonesia” so that each FMEI member, who comprises different departments of study issues and strategic actions (KASTRAT), will present the results of their study based on the theme raised in this forum activity. this forum also consists of external public relations forums that will discuss about the movement of Fmei in the community and forum chairman of the Executive Board of students who will be discussed will be taken to where this FMEI later

The forum will be held from 17th to 19th November 2017. On November 17th, the FMEI forum will begin with an opening ceremony to be inaugurated by the dean of the economics faculty and the business of Diponegoro University. Then continued with a separate forum between the study department of the issue and strategic action (KASTRAT), the external public relations department, and the head of the student executive board. On November 18th, the FMEI forum was followed by a grand deliberation which was attended by all FMEI delegates and later this meeting was closed with the inauguration of new members of FMEI. the last is on 19 november which is field trip activity held by FMEI committee.