Marketing Communicaton 2018: “ Digital Marketing Communication (DigiMOn) ”
18 November 2018
24 November 2018

So far there have been so many student problems that have not been resolved due to students’ ignorance of the bureaucratic system. In addition, a lot of information from the faculty and university bureaus that escaped and was not conveyed to students, whether it was information about scholarships or other information. Therefore, the Advokesma Department under the auspices of the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business organizes the International Scholarship Expo to provide broader knowledge about students both domestically and abroad. This activity is carried out to carry out one of the functions of advocacy, namely providing assistance to students who have administrative problems both academically and financially including scholarships. The International Scholarship Expo (ISE) is one of the work programs of the BEM FEB UB Advokesma Department whose activities are seminars and exhibitions (expo), institutions providing scholarships in the country and abroad. The activities of the International Scholarship Expo are also a form of facility to facilitate and provide scholarship information for participants, especially students of the Faculty of Economics and Business and Universitas Brawijaya students and the community in general. And this seminar is held as a means of knowing more about getting scholarships from experienced sources. With the planned work program, students of the Faculty of Economics and Business are expected to be in particular and all Brawijaya students and the public in general can find more information about scholarships and build enthusiasm to get scholarships both domestically and abroad.


One of them is a student from the Economics and Business Faculty of BrawijayaUniversity who is still lacking in applying for scholarships, the international scholarship expo itself has two series, the first series is a scholarship seminar series in the first series of international scholarship expos inviting scholarship awardees and scholarship verifiers located in Building F the brawijaya university’s economics and business faculty this seminar has a very high interest proven by the number of participants who came 275 participants and 1500 online and offline registrars the essence of this seminar was to motivate participants to want to take or register domestic and foreign scholarships .

The second round of international scholarship expo is a scholarship expo in the basement of the faculty of economics and business in the University of Brawijaya expo. It was attended by several scholarship institutions, 18 scholarship institutions came to this expo and the essence of this scholarship expo was to bring together students from the Brijaya University economic and business faculty with scholarship institutions to be able to ask directly about the institutions that want to be on the enthusiastic list of participants at the expo this time are also around 500 people at this expo. In this expo there are also scholarship talk shows held by each awardee from the scholarship and on this expo agenda there is also a photobooth challange which is a challenge for participants who come to take pictures at the photobooth international scholarship expo, at the expo themselves for the first 100 people, they will receive free ice cream from the committee and free boulgelatho ice cream
At the international scholarship expo itself, it also provided tenants that could be filled by outside sellers. In the tenants themselves, there were also enthusiastic traders who wanted to fill tenants, namely 18 food vendors filled this tenant.