The East Java 2019 Regional Scientific Meeting (TEMILREG)
27 February 2019
3 March 2019

Building Madani Generation through Islami society environment

               The Islamic Development Village ( IDV ) has been held in the Village of Betek, from March to November 2019 every Saturday at 14.00 – 18.00. The IDV itself is a routine social activity held by the Islamic Studies and Environment Forum (Forstiling) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawaijaya (FEB-UB). The IDV activities includes seminars and lectures with the society and learning to teach children, both general education and religious sciences with competent speakers. In addition, so that children do not feel bored, ICCB activities are interspersed with making skills or drawing, outbound activities that can hone children’s skills, as well as walking to recreation areas to provide entertainment and education for children.

               ” So that people are more motivated to build a civil generation with the activities provided by Forsrtilling through this community social department ” said Megarani (ICCB Executive Secretary). The purpose of this ICCB activity is creating an Islamic society environment so that it can build the next generation of nations and religions that can survive in the era of secularization and globalization, the creation of godly children and intelligent, digging, raising, and fostering children’s potential and talents that have not yet been developed and stimulating and fostering children’s leadership independent, creative and innovative from an early age with Islamic values as the basis for forming his personality

The introduction of IDV has been carried out through socialition door to door with the permission of the Chairperson of the RT Gg. 18 Betek Malang Village to record prospective participants covering early childhood. With the implementation of the IDV, it is expected that Forstilling can be recognized by stakeholders, especially residents of Village Betek.

Contact person:

  • M. Daffa Pratama (085218692036)