Issuance of Indimolor Bulletin for Student Selection (Pemilwa) 2018

2 December 2018
EST Brawijaya 2018
2 December 2018

The annual agenda of each faculty is the selection of student representatives, which re-elect the chairman and vice chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM) and the ranks of the Student Representative Council (DPM). Of course this democratic party is escorted by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB). Student Press Institution (LPM) Indicator carries out its function as a faculty press institution in providing information about the political conditions of the faculty, one of which is this participant. Through the publication of the Indimolor bulletin, held on 1-2 December 2018, it will provide information to FEB students.

Issuance of indimolor applicants was attended by all members of the LPM Indicator, of course through a long process, namely editorial management. This agenda was held at the LPM Indicator secretariat, which of course needed speakers from various parties involved in the election. After all balanced information is certainly through the editorial kitchen which is only attended by members of the Indicator, so the news can be accounted for.

In the process of making Indimolor PEMILWA 2018, communication and coordination became a challenge for the members. With various efforts the drafting team has succeeded in publishing Indimolor the PEMILWA edition this time. After going through a long editorial management process, the LPM Indicator hopes for good feedback given by the parties involved in the election. Because of the importance of this agenda, the Indicator LPM also expects cooperation from all parties so that this activity can run smoothly.